Because none of us writes in a vacuum – Reflections 09 July 2021

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In the recent past, say the last six months, both personal and publication-related conversations (usually by email, though sometimes in the responses section of a Medium piece) have intensified, and have floored me with an incredible sense of support in an activity that I will, quite frankly, do until I die. You’ve all heard me talk about my compulsion enough (oops) to warrant mentioning it again, but all these conversations, their trajectories, and the sense of excitement that correspondence has given me remarkable (in the totally atheistic sense) blessings here on/within Medium.

When I just started out writing, or rather…

31 July 2021 Saturday Poetry Prompt: just because you love the sound

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Three monstrous syllables – already programmed towards the error – and yet I like the fucking rhythm

the additional “s” to begin – to end – set up a mad shrine right in the middle of Stephen St –

trio that lifts an ordinary dialogue – fictional confetti – the great groaning of so many prayers – not all of them sexual –

– inclination mused into the concentric feel of the brain chewing on certain words –

certain words that insist on the dress pulled back on – the shoes replaced on bare feet –

a kind of warmth…

A Poem

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It’s left the sidewalk
alone now
probably a few hours ago
it’s twenty to 2 a.m.

overlaying scent is
the manure air
the absent heat
the smells of cooking from dinner
or something

with grass and
added — or already there
but overwhelmed anyway

Phaethonic undoing

and maybe
that’s what’s happening

Slow crawl through the muse image — inadequate portraiture — the slant of unrelenting sun on the eucalyptus and you — whatever mysteries are beneath fragile dances towards a beautiful distinction — split differentiation with a new mingle — and the shy synthesis begins to…

A Poem

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My darling you make the air fairly shake — ridges of skin appearing from a world away — spending the touch over distance — letting the dripping consciousness

wade through the walls and thin ceilings with inadequate insulation — that shift with combined summer-winter winds — a coming passion still already here

shot through by Barthes — angoisse and similar flights revelatory in their briefness — still too much to hold — skin silences brush with loving minds — determined to breathe

sucking residual moisture with relish

I have weaved you into the brain — yes, and indelibly so —…

28 July 2021 Wednesday Prose Poem: a titular experience

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Taking words from the far side of the map – threaded through all the painful gaps – yeah a star-lit misery –

or compulsion – to be told how to drift release and when you fall –

– still the crystallized narrative passing on a reminiscing for what is wanted to happen —

my love it takes a ride on the water — consciousness bound raft — and I can fall over and be — caught

your hands in my eyes — a flooding — erupting through belly and thighs and sternum — caressed by intelligence with feeling laid over…

Reflections — 28 July 2021

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Lately, I have been having several (or, perhaps it’s really just one sustained) conversations on the process I use to write with the extremely talented, perspicuous, Melissa Coffey, as well as learning about how others begin, work, and finish their writing. As always, and I feel like I’ve had many such discussions in my writing life, I feel a renewal of the passion that drives me to devote so much of my time to this enterprise. Additionally, inspiring this article, I had a lovely comment from Bob Jasper concerning my writing on writing.

I felt like I needed to begin…

J.D. Harms

Former hairstylist, perpetual philosophy student, swallowed by poetry, writing, ideas

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